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Ben Quinata

Raised in southern Guam, Ben Quinata's early work was inspired by his surroundings — often reflecting the vibrant colors of the beautiful nature found in the south. Already an avid traveler, Ben decided in 2015 to quit his job and travel full time for as long as he could. On his travels, he visited over 18 countries and completed the Camino de Santiago — a religious pilgrimage across northern Spain. Soon after completing the Camino, he lived in Southeast Asia where he created art and met his wife Ksenia. Ben has been an art teacher on island for over 25 years and a tattoo artist for 12. He is also a painter, as well as a muralist. He has hosted and participated in many art shows on the island.

Instagram: @theinkaddict

Francis Labrador

Guam local artist doing art commissions for over 10 years, from murals to traditional canvas paintings. Aside from that, Francis is also a full-time educator at John F. Kennedy High School teaching art and graphic arts. He is known for his acrylic paintings, drawings, murals, caricatures, and graphic design, as well as listed in the Guam Council for the Arts and Humanities Agency's (GCAHA) artist directory. Francis won many local competitions back in his high school years with two recent ones from iConnect’s “What Makes Guam Fun?” and GTA’s “Pokemon Design Contest.” Winning so many contests motivated him to pursue a career in art.What makes his work stand out is his creative approach to the design. Fusing imagination with reality is his expertise. Francis also acquired various art styles throughout his commissions. This experience gives him the capability to offer clients with services that stem from abstract to pointilism.

If you are interested in his services, you may contact Francis at 727-1324, or email at
His website:

Julius Sotomayor

I find myself drawn to subjects that are no longer around, with feelings of being “disconnected and foreign” from which were once familiar and common. I try to capture images of people in situations to reconnect with something that is no longer there, or of which I am no longer a part. It is an emotion that can only be felt after leaving a special place, with the uncertainty of coming back.I am also a playwright, a filmmaker, an educator, and a curious world traveler.

Marcus Villaverde

Marcus Villaverde (b. Quezon City, 1992) is a Guam-based multimedia artist specializing in graphic design and illustration.He studied Multimedia Arts in Asia Pacific College in Makati, Philippines. Professionally, he is a graphic designer who has experience in marketing and advertising. Outside of his corporate job, he creates fine art pieces on various media which have been exhibited in Guam and Metro Manila… or doodles on his iPad, creating fun and intricate illustrations.He finds inspiration in the angst of the corporate world, the chaos in the streets of Metro Manila, the quirks of Guam culture, street culture, indie music, Romanticism, existential philosophy, and Protestant theology.

Curtis Sanchez

Tattoo artist from Guam. Tattooing on island and stateside the past 6 years. Usually finds inspiration in the darker side of things. You could fins him tattooing at Four Horsemen tattoo in Upper Tumon. 


Ian Bradley

Alexxis Kerry

Alexx defines herself as a tattoo artist by trade, and creator by spirit. She has been tattooing for about 2 years, but has been creating for as long as she can remember.Acrylic paint, charcoal, and black ink are Alexx's main mediums for fine art, but she also loves to explore digitally and with textiles. She says her main drive to create is story telling. With a professional journalism and documentary making background, portraying unique stories are fuel to her creative fire. Alexx's credentials in the art community stand as - Bachelors in Communications and Studio Art Graphic Design, Nick Cave (Chicago land artist) student artist, and Murrow award recipient for digital art in a specialty report.

Raiki Leon Guerrero 

I just draw fanarts and do paper craft art as a hobby. For the paper craft art I use mostly paper and cardboard to build characters and objects. For fanarts I draw mostly anime characters, also I draw characters from favorite movies or television shows to a anime form. 


Russelle Maxino is a 25 year old Filipino-American citizen based artist who works mainly in acrylic, Impressionism, portrait , and stippling. He was self thought since 5 and continue his art passion to high school and has been placed 3rd of all high school division artist in 2016 . He continued to prove his skills and talents even after going college and working on the hospitality industry. A principle theme in Russelle’s work is the nature of time and he is also concerned with the issues surrounding climate change. He tries to express both these elements through his dedication of art. “ART IS NOT JUST A THING , WITH EVERY PURCHASE, THE BUYER ALSO RECEIVES A PIECE OF YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT.” -RUSS


Carlyn Bautista

Born and raised on Guam. Barista by day, Tattoo Artist at night. Drawing has been a passion since I learned how to hold a pencil.Now I create designs to put on the skin and paper.

Sujin Bec

Sujin Bec was born in South Korea and then moved to Guam in 2015. She calls herself an ‘Every form artist’, since she always explores between many mediums. From small accessory making to weaving a carpet, and making furniture with carpentry. Recently, she's focused on Watercolor and Acrylic ink.Life is somewhat the same as flowing. We try to control the flow of pouring a tea, or the flow of the water, but we cannot have entire control of it. Even though we don’t have full control over it, it still works as is. Sujin learned that when she doesn’t feel the need to have full control over the art and her inspiration, it will form itself and it will be beautiful as is.


Shar Acostar

 My name is Sharmaine Acostar, but most people call me Shar. I'm a Filipina artist living on Guam. I've always enjoyed drawing, sketching, and painting since I was a kid.I mostly paint what I think would look cool, and I think it's somewhat an extension of who I am and what I like at the time of conceptualizing a piece. My art mostly consists of watercolors, alcohol markers, and acrylic paint. I would say I'm "self-taught". I say that in quotes because of course throughout the years you pick up a few tips and tricks and inspiration from others."


Tonya McDaniel  

Tonya Dee McDaniel was born and raised in Guam since 1999. Growing up in the age of rapid technological advancement and consumerism, Tonya Dee has been highly fascinated by the images of “what life is supposed be like” according to the screen. She took up drawing at a young age as to escape her at-times-stressful reality; and making art would become a life-long passion for her. Much of her art addresses themes of identity, love, attraction, family, and individual strength and emotion. Through the accessibility of collage and mixed media art, she wants to convey the message that anyone could create new meaning in their lives and come to understand themselves.Tonya Dee graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Guam and currently resides in Sinajana, Guam where she keeps a growing collection of old magazines and picture books.


Jp Alano

A multimedia artist specializing in Photography, Videography, and Post Production.I can also do others, such as Graphic Design, Illustration, Canvas Painting and Animation. Currently my main interest is film making and I have spent a few years learning the fundamentals while applying it to personal and clientele work.I am currently 12 years and ongoing as a self taught creative. Everything started with curiosity and learning the basics of each medium. I see myself as an observer, admirer and student of the world. The pieces I create come from what I see, think, and feel, but there are some days I just want to experiment with digital manipulation and create pieces I never expected. Being a creative is something I’ve been passionate about since I was a kid. Now as an adult, it has become a profession. I’ve documented various events and produced commercials for some of our island's local businesses. Life itself is my inspiration, each day is filled with adventures to experience, people to meet, stories to share, memories to make, and lessons to learn.


Andrew Gulac

Art for Gulac is a creative force that has manifested from our minds into our lives through visual elements.It is a creative expression through visual aid from our souls without the use of language.


Lucille Ronquillo

Lucille Ronquillo is a Filipino artist raised in Guam. She graduated with a BA of Arts at the University of Guam (2017) concentrating on printmaking and painting. She exhibited in different art shows and painted several murals around the island. 


Domo La Coste

Dominique, better known as Domo La Coste is a Guam- based artist who dabbles in traditional mix-media art, photography and digital photography. Domo graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a Bachelors in Secondary Education. She draws inspiration by looking at various perspectives in our daily lives and a likeness toward bright and vibrant colors within her works.


Katlyn Sutherland 

With a BA in Art, Katlyn Sutherland is an artist whose focus is in painting, printmaking and drawing. Sutherland draws inspiration from the environment as well as her surroundings which is relevant in her current works. She has a growing fascination with flowers which for her are organic representations of nature. For Sutherland, flowers have the unique ability to represent both the fragility and the resilience of nature. She also has a fascination with the human figure. This, coupled with her passion for flowers, go hand in hand in symbolizing human nature. The infinite combinations of flowers and colors can be used to exhibit limitless expressions of the human experience.


Lauren J F Garcia

My name is Lauren Garcia and I was born and raised on the incredible island of Guam. Well let's see...Do I consider myself an artist? I mean I guess right??? Art is everywhere and everybody is an artist in their own way. I enjoy taking photos of nature or people just enjoying life in their own element. I mainly do digital art so that means that I like to mess around a lot on photoshop and make collages or blend together photos and if it looks cherry to me then I say "Walah! Here it is! Another masterpiece" I like to say I'm just a simple kind of gal but I think I'm actually really complicated. Thus, putting whatever crazy things going on in my head into something tangible and calling it art. Live your life however you want it to be and do things that scare you. 20 years from now don't you want to look back and say "hell yeah, I did that!" 

Ian Bradley

Ian Bradley is a tattoo artist on Guam.His time working with his peers reflects in his artwork, as he has been blessed over the years with opportunities to work with artists who have been generous with their own knowledge—and at times, brutally honest in their critique. He draws inspiration from both traditional and contemporary tattoo imagery, trying to find balance between proven techniques and new ideas.Ian can be found at Four Horsemen Tattoo in Upper Tumon.


We live on the beautiful island of Guam and together we've created a line of products with mermaids in mind. Our inspiration? The legendary Sirena, a young CHamoru girl who became the first Guahan Mermaid. Through our ocean-inspired and mermaid-themed jewelry, apparel, accessories and gifts, we're helping women from Guam and around the world to connect with their inner mermaids and with our island home.


Bring the magic of the moon into your home with these ethereal candles, bath soaks, and facial steamers. Influenced by inafa’maolek, Pulan Magic strives to create harmony and restoration through their products.

This act of restoration comes from carefully curating the ingredients and scents used in the products by cultivating energies that deliver harmony when used.


A balanced life begins with your self-care.

Earthy+Herbs strive to help you in your self-care journey by designing a line of skincare products rooted in herbalism. Each recipe has been specially formulated to feed the skin and nourish the soul, so take a moment and love yourself.


Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings and Pearl Jewelry; my crafts provide a different variety of natured inspired earrings in all shapes and sizes. Umi and Meg Collection caters to intricate designs and minimalist designs. My goal is to create a piece of jewelry that is uniquely made, a piece that showcases a story of myself and my daughter, and to create wearable art that can be functional and be worn to express how the wearers would feel and extend their own trend.


Shop with Elevate Body & Soul and treat your skin!Alehna Cameron was born and raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. She is going on 10 years of active duty service in the Air Force and is currently stationed on Guam with her family. Elevate: Body & Soul started out as a hobby as Alehna loves to be pampered. She officially decided to turn it into a business in August of 2021. Please join Alehna on this journey and Treat your skin to what it deserves!


Copper enamel jewelry is my passion. I have been stringing beads with my Mom since I was a teen.

Went to Carmel Art Institute and studied under John Cunningham for two years.

In High school I hung out at Goat Glass in Monterey and learned to cut glass. I do mosaic art glass. I love doing scenes of this beautiful island.


Soy wax melts hand poured in Guam. Made with 100% soy wax and premium grade oils. It’s non-toxic and vegan. 


Styles by Kim is a local woman owned business curated by a mom and her two daughters. Founded in March 2020 by Kimberly Topasna. We design and create boho beach style jewelry and accessories inspired by our island.

Made by Haruka’s aim is to create functional handmade crafts for daily life, incorporating natural materials. Bringing nature into your home to create a special healing spot. A space to help relax and refresh your mind.

Handmade and hand sewn crafts on Guam

🌴Earrings, pouches, macrame, knitted tops, and more!


Accentuate Jewelry is unique and handcrafted accentuating your daily ensemble. My name is Tamara Gumabon and I'm a local artist born and raised on Guam. I've been making jewelry and vinyl crafts for 2 years and I could not imagine doing anything else. My style is unique and sophisticated. Each piece is designed and handcrafted by me. Making a unique gift for that someone special in your life or for yourself!

it’s SEW jayne is a small business owned and operated by jayne Thompson From the village of Agat. I have lived on Guam since 1996. I have had My small business for over 10 years doing many pop ups, craft showsI am a Guam product seal holder and a member of Guma. Been crocheting Since a teenager and sewing the same amount of time taught by motherAnd grandmother.