Medusa is a family business owned by Ben (born on Guam) and Kseniia (born in Siberia) Quinata. We both loooove the ocean and our life on the beautiful island Guam. So we decided to call our business after the mysterious ocean creature — jellyfish, but instead of Chamorro or English we chose the Russian word for it — медуза, pronounced: medusa.

The only commonality our brand has to share with Medusa from classic Greek mythology is the moment of appreciation. That moment when you first see an amazing art piece or an incredible scenery, and the time is shrinking and you are so impressed that you freeze for a moment...

We love art. And travels. And we are ready to share with you thousands of those moments that inspired us to do what we do.

We create:

— acrylic paintings;

— oil paintings;

— pins and brooches;

— earrings;

— necklaces;

— tattoo designs;

— posters;

— stickers;

— illustrations;

— graphic & web design;

— etc.

Thank you for being here with us on our artistic adventure, let’s enjoy the beauty of life by being creative and surrounding ourselves with fun art pieces and accessories from Medusa!